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Modern Australian Cuisine at Strangers’ Restaurant

Welcome to Strangers’ Restaurant, a jewel among Brisbane’s best restaurants, nestled within the historic confines of Queensland Parliament House. Renowned for its impeccable service, exquisite cuisine, and rich history, Strangers’ Restaurant offers a delightful culinary experience that embodies sophistication and flavour in the heart of Brisbane city.

A Culinary Journey Through Time and Taste

Embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the richness of Queensland produce and culinary innovation. Our seasonal menu is thoughtfully curated to highlight the finest ingredients sourced locally and from the broader regions, setting us apart as a top Brisbane restaurant. From delectable starters to indulgent desserts, every dish at Strangers’ Restaurant promises to tantalise your palate and leave a lasting impression with each delicious bite.

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+61 7 3553 6377
Opening Hours
Wed: 12pm-2pm
Thurs: 12pm – 2pm
Fri: 12pm – 2pm
Fri: 6pm – 9pm
Sat – Wed: Closed
Parliamentary Annexe,
69 Alice Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000

History of the Dining Room

Originally known as the ‘Members Dining Room,’ Strangers’ Restaurant has a storied past that reflects the evolution of Queensland Parliament House, offering a unique dining experience where every meal reflects a piece of history. In 1966, the dining room, previously reserved solely for male parliamentary members, saw a significant shift when Mrs. Ellen ‘Vi’ Jordan, the second woman elected to the Queensland Parliament, asserted her right to dine here. Since then, it has evolved into a welcoming haven for all, adopting the name ‘Strangers’ Restaurant’ and firmly establishing its reputation as one of the best restaurants in Brisbane. 

The term “Strangers” carries historical significance as it traditionally refers to any individual visiting Parliament who is not a Member themselves. This terminology is not confined to a specific Parliament but is rather a commonly used term across various Parliaments. The adoption of the name “Strangers” for the restaurant, serves to highlight the restaurant as a place where both Members and their guests can gather, fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity and connection.

Preserving its late nineteenth-century charm, the dining room boasts ornate details and period furnishings that go back to a bygone era, ideal for a night of sophisticated dining. From the early Australian cedar yoke back chairs to the inlaid parquet floors, every element reflects the late Victorian era of its construction, in the 1890s. Immerse yourself in history as you dine amidst the elegant surroundings of Strangers’ Restaurant.

Open for Lunch and Dinner

Join us for lunch or dinner at Strangers’ Restaurant, where we extend a warm welcome to the public every  Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday during non-sitting weeks.* Immerse yourself in the ambiance of our historic surroundings as you savour exquisite dishes crafted with passion and precision. 

*View the Parliamentary Sitting Calendar here.

Open for High Tea 

Indulge in our high tea experience, served in the elegant dining room on select Tuesdays throughout the year. Delight in a delicious tower of flavours, complemented by live classical music, making it one of Brisbane’s best-kept secrets. Perfect for special occasions or simply an afternoon of indulgence.

Available for Private Hire

Looking for the perfect venue for your next celebration or event in Brisbane? Look no further than Strangers’ Restaurant. Our elegant dining space can accommodate up to 80 guests, making it ideal for intimate gatherings or grand affairs. Elevate your experience by adding the historic Lucinda Bar for pre-dinner drinks or casual conversations. Let our dedicated events team help you create unforgettable memories at Strangers’ Restaurant.

Experience Excellence

At Strangers’ Restaurant, we strive for excellence in every aspect of your dining experience. From impeccable service to exquisite cuisine, every detail is meticulously crafted to ensure your satisfaction. Join us and discover why we’re one of Brisbane’s premier dining destinations, recognised as one of the best restaurants in Brisbane. Indulge in modern Australian cuisine at Strangers’ Restaurant – where history meets gastronomy, and every delicious bite tells a story.

Reserve Your Table Today

Whether you’re seeking a memorable dining experience or planning a special event, Strangers’ Restaurant welcomes you to embark on a culinary adventure unlike any other. Reserve your table today and discover the fusion of history and gastronomy at one of Brisbane’s finest restaurants. Join us at Strangers’ Restaurant and immerse yourself in a world of culinary excellence.

Strangers' Restaurant High Tea

High Tea at Strangers' Restaurant

Uniquely served in our heritage Strangers’ Restaurant, high tea at Queensland Parliament House is one of Brisbane’s best kept secrets. Whether it’s a special occasion or just an afternoon’s indulgence, we invite you to experience the pleasure of taking a traditional high tea in the elegant dining room, accompanied by live classic music.

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Looking for a private dining experience?

Queensland Parliament offers a wide variety of spaces available for private dining ranging from an intimate experience for 10 guests in our private Cellar room through to our Speaker’s Dining Room, sprawling with natural light, overlooking the Speaker’s Green that can accommodate up to 20 guests.

Speak to our friendly team to discover the possibilities.

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FAQs about Strangers' Restaurant

What is the history behind Strangers' Restaurant?

Originally known as the ‘Members Dining Room’, visitors like visiting dignitaries, consulate representatives, and even members of the Royal Family, were fondly called ‘strangers’ during their visits to Parliament. This term sparked the restaurant’s reputation as a place ‘where strangers become friends’. Today, we warmly extend an invitation for you and your guests to uphold this enduring tradition with us.

Until 1966, Strangers’ Restaurant was exclusively reserved for male Members. However, Mrs. Ellen ‘Vi’ Jordan, the second woman elected to the Queensland Parliament, successfully advocated for the right for women to dine here. In the 1970s, it opened to Members and guests, leading to a name change to ‘Strangers’ Dining Room’.

What distinguishes the interior of Strangers' Restaurant?

The heritage room retains much of its original charm from the late Victorian era with Australian cedar yoke back chairs, inlaid parquet floors, and interior decorations reflecting the 1890s.

When did Strangers' Restaurant open to the public, and what events are held there?

Strangers’ Restaurant opened to the public in 2006 for high tea events. Since 2019, it has also been open for lunch and dinner, commonly known as Strangers’ Restaurant. Additionally, it hosts high tea events accompanied by live classical music and signature events including seasonal degustation dinners, International Women’s Day, Melbourne Cup and Mother’s Day.

What are the opening hours of Strangers' Restaurant?

Strangers’ Restaurant is open for lunch between 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, offering a perfect midday escape to enjoy a delicious meal. It also serves dinner from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm exclusively on Fridays, making for a perfect evening outing. However, these hours might be subject to change on Parliamentary sitting days.

Additionally Strangers’ is open for High Tea events and signature events, you can find out what’s on here (link to what’s on page).

Where in Brisbane is Strangers' Restaurant located?

Strangers’ Restaurant is situated in Old Parliament House, entry is via the Parliamentary Annexe 69 Alice Street, Brisbane, QLD, 4000. To find out how to enter, watch this quick video (plan your visit page with entry video).

How can I book a table or enquire about reservations?

To book a table or enquire about reservations, you can contact Strangers’ Restaurant at +61 7 3553 6377. Group bookings of 8+ people must be made over the phone. All other bookings can be made online. 

Can I view the menu before visiting Strangers' Restaurant?

Yes, you can view the menu on the Queensland Parliament website. Scroll to the top of the page to view the menu.

Are there any special considerations or events that might affect the opening hours of Strangers' Restaurant?

Yes, the opening hours of Strangers’ Restaurant are affected by Parliamentary sitting days. You can check the sitting calendar on the Queensland Parliament website for more information.

What is the ambiance like at Strangers' Restaurant during high tea events?

During high tea events, the ambiance at Strangers’ Restaurant is described as elegant, with live classical music adding to the experience.

What is the dress code for Strangers’ Restaurant?

The dress code for Strangers’ Restaurant is smart casual. We kindly request that guests refrain from wearing singlets, thongs, or clothing with offensive branding.